The Biggest Jackpots Ever Triggered

Striking it lucky on a major jackpot is every players dream. A real life changer, something that could instantly change the way you live forever. Jackpots reach staggering heights around the world; with certain jackpots reaching into the millions of dollars players from Canada will be eager to learn about the biggest jackpots ever paid out.

Players from Canada in quest of the biggest jackpots ever paid out should keep in mind that the following jackpots were all paid out to players who had won them. There are however, in other special circumstances no pay out jackpots s, simply because the player never collected the winnings for unknown reasons or because there was an irregularity within the winnings.

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Best Casino Software For Canadians

Best Casino Software For Canadians

There are multiplicities of Casino software developers offering their gaming software to players from Canada. Casino software developers provide online casinos with gaming software and the games to make use of in their online casinos.

Not all casino software developers offering their services to online casinos in Canada are equal. With the abundant competition in the online casino realm, casino software available in Canada varies from provider to provider.

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The History of Blackjack

When looking at the origins of Blackjack it is good to begin with the origins of cards.  It is thought that cards were first invented in China or India and it was the Chinese that began the shuffling of cards when they shuffled paper bank notes into their different combinations.  The deck of cards used today to play Blackjack was initially referred to as “French Pack,” which was used later by the English and the Americans.

The first stories of gambling that have been recounted go way back and there are a few versions of the history of Blackjack.  The only thing that historians all agree on is that the game is very old.

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The Story of Slots

Every Canadian online casino player loves a game of slots, but the question is where does this popular casino game originate.  Slot machines can be traced back to many years, although there has been some debate about who actually invented the slot machine.  There are two accounts which seem to be accepted.

The first account recounts the story of the slot machine as being invented by Charles Fey who was an American.  In 1887 he invented what was known as the Liberty Bell machine which had three reels and five symbols which were a Liberty Bell, spade, diamond and a heart and a horse shoe.  The other account says that Charles Fey invented the machine in 1895 and that two other inventors, Sittman and Pitt were the first to invent the slot machine in 1891.  This machine had 50 playing cards which spun five on a drum and the reels would have a five card poker hand.  A player would receive payouts depending on the value of the hand.

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Pro betting tips

There are a large number of sports betting guides out there for Australian punters. From well known sports such as AFL, to much lesser known, off the wall markets such as cockroach racing, it is almost guaranteed that a betting guide and a number of tips and tricks have been written on the topic.

As a pro sports bettor, one should always make the effort to read as many of these betting guides as possible. Obviously, some will be aimed at beginners to the sports betting world, but you never know when you will pick up a tip that you have never heard of, or simply never occurred to you.

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Handicaps and odds

Every Australian punter is familiar with the different odds which are presented by online betting sites. Odds are in place to encourage betting on various teams or participants, not just the favourite.

The odds or handicap system is an essential tool for punters to know should they wish their wagers to be successful and turn a profit. Learning to be able to compare the odds offered by various bookies, and thus get the best odds to suit their betting strategy, is something which all Australian punters should be able to do.

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Online Betting Sites

Online Betting Sites New Zealand

Although there is only one regulated betting site in New Zealand for sports betting fanatics and enthusiasts to register with, a myriad of international betting sites are available for sports betting, and are completely legal, safe and with long records of good website security and payout track records.

As safety and security of both your money and your personal details are of utmost importance to Kiwi punters, you are able to read reviews about the many online betting sites, to check for yourself how long they have been around, what website security and encryption they make use of and what payment facilities and e-wallet’s you will need to use to safely deposit and withdraw funds from your online betting accounts to and from your New Zealand bank account and bank cards.

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Online Betting NZ

Online Betting NZ

Online betting NZ websites are an excellent avenue to look at for modern day punters wanting to find some good fixtures to place a bet on. It can be a bit overwhelming at first as there are so many options on the internet but it need not be.

When it comes to online betting NZ sites punters are spoilt for choice. Add to this the rich sporting environment of NZ and it has all the makings of a sports bettor’s paradise.

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betting New Zealand

Helpful Betting Tips For Kiwis

Kiwi punters in quest of the best betting New Zealand offers will be delighted by the multiplicity of platforms available to make use of. With land based outlets and complete freedom in the online domain, Kiwis are spoilt for choice with betting New Zealand options.

With the online domain expanding exponentially and TAB operating a well-oiled online betting New Zealand machine, punters have a host of local and international betting options to select from.

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betting apps

Betting Apps in New Zealand

The rise in revolutionary technology has not only made the world of gambling and sports betting what it is today but has ultimately drawn in punters in countries and continents all around the world, and New Zealand is now one that is taking full advantage too.

This technology allows players the chance to make their bets through the use of a trusted online sportsbook that has been optimised for mobile, meaning they simply need to download the betting app onto their compatible device to get involved in the action.

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