Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat

Online Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat

With so many new online slot games being released all the time and the technologies being used to make them constantly improving, the games of yesteryear and before do tend to find themselves being left behind a bit. The bright, animated graphics of games made today are just more appealing than those made with less capable tech, and so players will inevitably tend towards these games rather than spend a considerably lengthier time even trying to find an older game online. Aristocrat, a top online slot developer, has however made inroads into protecting its older games through this Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat.

The essential setup with these slots are that they comprise of a collection of favourite, older slot games all packaged into one. This allows players to firstly have access to a range of the top Aristocrat slots from across the years as well as the capability, due to the relatively small size of these older slot games, of switching between slots with ease and practically immediately. These Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat allows players familiar with the brand to indulge themselves in a bit of nostalgia.

The Different Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat

Being a top online developer of slot games for a while now means that they have accrued a fairly large library of slot games over the years and so affect such a setup like these Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat they ultimately required a few different slot game cabinets. These include the All-Stars version, Diamond Edition, Classic Edition, Platinum Edition and even a Grand version. Because these are aimed to target different types of players as well as creating something a little new and different, each of these Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat have different features instilled as well as of course different slot games.

The All-Stars slot keeps all the games the same as the originals. The Diamond Edition brings back several of the top classics but with a few added features like improved win lines and even a 3 part jackpot system for the slots. The Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat also have a Classic Edition which takes the top games from this developer and gives them all an extensive set of betting options so practically all players can enjoy. The Platinum Edition is similar to this but with a different set of games and perhaps a slightly more appealing appearance as a set. Finally the Player’s Choice Grand takes on much the same position as the previous two, with a different set of games. You can find out insider information about what you should look out for by reading leading online casino guides.

Final Comments and Conclusion of these Slots

The Players Choice Slots by Aristocrat involve all sorts of the more classic slots that this developer has ever released and these have deliberately been left mostly untouched and preserved in their original forms just in a more appealing and more manageable package. These are the ideal slot games for the more experienced players familiar with these classics and keen to have a bit more nostalgic fun and even perhaps a few wins with them.

play casino bonus

Play Casino Bonuses to Win Big

Casinos will often offer bonuses to players in order to incentivise them to play at their establishments. In order to take advantage of these bonuses, it’s good for a player to look around for which casinos are offering bonuses.

A little bit of research can lead to a big payoff if the player finds the right combination of games and bonuses. A popular way to play casino bonus games includes searching for bingo and poker games that offer bonuses online. A player simply has to know where to look.

Play Casino Bonus Bingo

Bingo, both online and real life versions, is one of the most beloved gambling past times in the world. It allows players to try their luck at matching randomly drawn numbers against grids of numbers on a piece of cardboard on their screen. There are several different types of bingo that are popular in various regions around the globe. These include both seventy five ball bingo as well as the ever popular ninety ball bingo.

Seventy five ball bingo is played with seventy five balls and a five by five grid card. At the top of the card there are five columns with letters above them. The first column is a B, the second column is an I, the third column is an N, the fourth column is a G, and the final column is an O. This spells out bingo which obviously refers to the name of the game.

Ninety ball bingo is a bit different in that it has three horizontal lines as well as nine vertical columns. This game is played with ninety balls instead of the normal seventy five. Instead of just one winner for each game like seventy give ball bingo, ninety ball bingo can have up to three winners in a single game. These winners can include getting one line, getting any two lines or the final winner can be the player who manages to fill up all the spaces on their card. Players can play casino bonus bingo at many online casino venues. Bonuses can include money and prizes.

Play Casino Bonus Online Poker

There are many variations of poker that are available in online casinos. Probably the most popular is Texas hold’em. Texas hold’em poker involves a player being dealt two cards when the game starts. These two cards are sometimes known as the hold cards. They put face down in front of the player so that no one else at the table can see them. There are then five additional cards that are put in the middle of the table for everyone to see.

These cards are not dealt all at once. The first three cards are put face up in what is referred to as the flop. After that, the fourth card is turned over. This is known as the turn card. After that, there’s only one additional card to turn over and that card is called the river. The object of the game is to get the best five card hand of poker possible from a combination of both the two cards that the player is holding as well as the cards that are in the community deal. The player with the best hand wins the round. Players who play casino bonus poker can win large cash bonuses and additional prizes in online casinos and tournaments.

Play caribbean stud online

How to Play Caribbean Stud Online

The game of Caribbean stud was created because of the rising popularity of poker. It was conceptualised sometime during the nineteen eighties and there’s quite a bit of debate as to who actually came up with the concept and when. The history is not as important as the rules if a player wants to play Caribbean stud online, so they are outlined below.

In order to play Caribbean stud online, the player must fully understand the rules surrounding the game. Though it is similar to other poker games, there are some elements that set it apart. While most of these rules will be applicable almost anywhere one is able to play Caribbean stud online, they are most certainly not completely universal. They can vary from place to place, and that’s something that should be considered by potential players.

Caribbean Stud Rules

When the game starts, a player who wants to play Caribbean stud online must put their bet on the place which has been superficially marked for it on the table. Once the dealer has said that no more bets can be put on the table, the player has lost their chance to place additional bets. In Caribbean stud, there is a progressive jackpot feature. The player can opt in or opt out of this progressive jackpot at the start of each hand. In order to do this, a player will put a coin in the slot marked for the progressive jackpot. This will in turn activate a light that will show the player that they are eligible to win the progressive jackpot.

Once this has been done, the dealer and each of the players participating in the game will be given five playing cards put face down. After this, the dealer takes one of his cards, flips it and pushes it towards the centre of the table. This is also the case when a player goes to play Caribbean stud online. Once this has happened, the players are allowed to look at the cards which they have been dealt. A player is not allowed to look at other player’s cards or discuss which cards they have been dealt with other players.

Play or Fold

The player can then choose to either play the hand or fold the hand. If a player decides to play, they put their raise into the box that is marked “bet” on the table. If a player folds, they lose their initial bet.  Once all of the players have decided what they are going to do, the dealer then turns over his remaining four cards.

The dealer will only continue to participate if his hand has a king and an ace, a pair or any other poker hand with sufficient rank. The cards from the dealers hand are then compared to that of the players who decided to play Caribbean stud online. This is done from right to left. If the player’s hand beats the hand of the dealer, then the player is paid out based on their ante and raise. If their hand does not beat the dealer, then they lose both the ante and their raise.

Playboy Hot Zone

Online Bally Slot Playboy Hot Zone

There are many different slot themes out there, adding colour and atmosphere to the reels they’ve been assigned. Some of these themes are minimalistic, attempting not to detract from the reels and gameplay itself, whilst others are more involved, creating a story or investing itself further into the game in the form of symbols, sound effects and bonus features. This slot is from Bally Technologies, a prominent gaming developer, and is called Playboy Hot Zone, from here the theme of this game can be derived. Indeed this is a reel spinner based on the illustrious adult magazine that came into existence in the early 1950s and hasn’t showed any inkling of leaving.

The theme definitely requires more discussion, but first the fundamentals need to be covered. This Playboy Hot Zone slot is a 5 reel and 40 pay line game, with a fair range incorporated into its available betting options. The arrangement on the screen allows ready and easy access to these options so players can get the game setup and started quickly. As far as features and bonuses go regarding this attractively themed slot, there are Wilds that can expand at particular times, a free spins features and of course the titular feature which is a rather unique Bally mechanic.

Depth to this Playboy Hot Zone Theme

With such an option for theme it is probably very easy to take the simple route and go full flash and glamour with as little censorship as possible. However that is not what the magazine this Playboy Hot Zone slot is based on is really all about. There is more class and elegance to their work and this is reflected in the theme on this slot’s reels as players find themselves taken back to the fifties when the magazine was first starting out and the world was a notably different place. Again the graphics of this slot game are done well, something that becomes most notable if players exploit the mobile platform to engage with this slot.

The symbols of Playboy Hot Zone help to perpetuate this elegant approach to the theme as well as bring a rather immediate degree of rapt attention to the reels. These are animatedly done and include a goodly number of bunnies that players can then hop across the reels, so to speak.

Features and Bonuses in Playboy Hot Zone

The predominant feature of this slot is in fact the Playboy Hot Zone itself which manifests itself as an encroaching perimeter during both the base game and the free spins feature and which, when symbols on the reels land beneath this area in some capacity, turns them Wild. This is more effective and noticeable during the free spins feature.

The free spins feature triggers automatically after 185 spins, but players can also trigger it by landing 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere across the reels. The Wild can become this Scatter and so could help to trigger it. Players are awarded with between 8 and 20 free spins from this feature which then play out fixed at the line bet they were triggered with. This Scatter can then retrigger the feature if it lands beneath the Playboy Hot Zone. Overall not a bad medley of available features and bonuses to play with.



The Kinky Online Playboy Slot Game

Bringing beautiful onto the reels this is the Playboy slot game from one of the better online gaming developers Microgaming. The game is themed to that of the famous adult magazine created in the early fifties and one that is still considerably popular today. With this kind of support, a slightly edgy societal view and beautiful girls it is a small wonder how this theme hasn’t made it onto the reels a lot earlier. The graphics of the slot aren’t all to complex, but the reels and symbols appear nicely and the lay out of the game screen is done with some considerable degree of class.

Fundamentally this Playboy slot game from Microgaming is a 5 reel game, with 3 rows of symbols on each and a 243 ways to win system edging out the more common pay lines style. This 243 ways to win system allows for combinations to form as long as they appear in adjacent reels and begin at the first reel on the left. Being a Microgaming slot also suggests a good measure of betting options as this group is accustomed to catering to a range of different players. There are also a few bonus features on this otherwise beautifully decorated slot game and the majority of which are all triggered through and related to girls.

The Sexy Slot Theme in this Game

The theme that this Playboy slot has adopted could have been pulled straight from one of Hugh Hefner’s magazines, though before players get too excited or perhaps put off, the slot theme and appearance is still wholly PG 13, and so not over the top. The appearance of the game is mostly set to the colours black and white, which not only plays in with the theme in question but also with the atmosphere created on the reels. This is one of a classy and sophisticated approach, with the girls being portrayed with elegance and poise. The sound effects contribute a little to the atmosphere and the backdrop has been ultimately forsaken in preference of the reels and symbols thereon.

Speaking of the symbols, those found in this Playboy slot include the likes of motorcycles, convertibles, a relaxed looking couple and of course a few of the playmates themselves. There is also a handful of playing card symbols, which in this slot appear with a metallic effect to them and with different items of luxury alongside.

The Bunny Bonuses in the Playboy Slot

The first of the bonuses found on this Playboy slot game is the Wild. This is the famous bunny logo of this group and has the capability in this game to become other symbols and help to complete combinations on the reels. This essentially just creates a few more chances in the base game.

The main bonus here is triggered through the magazine Scatter symbol. Here players will get to choose a specific girl and her corresponding bonus features. There are 4 girls in total and players unlock them all as they continue to trigger this feature, after 15 they are all available. The bonuses to be found here include combinations of free spins, multipliers and Wild bonuses. This is definitely the highlight feature of this Playboy slot game from Microgaming.


Firestarter Online Slots

Fiery fiends with cartoon grins abound in Firestarter, a five-reel, 25-payline online slot by Novomatic. Among the game’s bonus features are special symbols, Reel Refills, free spins, and a gamble feature.

Wild and Scatter symbols are also part of the game, which sees additional Scatters on the reels during the free spins round. The game also offers players a wide betting range.

The designers opted for a classic comic book feel, rather than children’s cartoons, and tucked in among the themed elements are those that enjoy a long association with slot machines in general. Various sound effects and animations further highlight the theme of the slot.

Betting Options and Basic Play

The Firestarter online slots betting range starts at 0.01, and climbs all the way to 1.00. This means the minimum bet on one spin with all paylines activated costs 0.25, while the maximum bet on a spin with all lines activated costs 25.00.

To play the game, players would first need to launch it, and then select a value for their coins. Once they’ve set the coin value, they can select the number of paylines they want to activate.

That done, players would then need to select the Spin button to make the symbols appear. The symbol combinations that appear will be checked against the pay table automatically, and any winnings will then be paid out.

Firestarter features the software developers Reel Refills. The feature has symbols falling into place instantly, instead of spinning on reels for a few moments.

If any winning combinations land, those winning symbols will explode in a burst of flame, before being replaced by new symbols that could form new winning combinations.

On the Firestarter Reels

The symbols found on the Firestarter reels are colourful, to say the least. The high value and bonus symbols express the devilish theme, while the lower value symbols delve into classic online slots tradition.

The high value and bonus symbols include a dapper male devil, a saucy female devil, red sevens with horns and tail, a box of matches Scatter, and a female devil silhouette Wild. The lower value symbols include watermelon, oranges, lemons, and cherries.

The male and female devils act as high value symbols only during the base game, but take on a new role during the free spins round.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild and the Scatter are the two bonus symbols that appear on the Firestarter reels during the base game.

The Wild symbol can substitute for all of the other reel symbols except the Scatter. It acts as a substitute when it lands in a position that needs one more of the same symbol to form a winning combination.

The Scatter symbol is the key to the online slot’s free spins round. At least three Scatters need to appear anywhere on the reels to activate the free spins.

Firestarter Free Spins

The Firestarter free spins round will begin as soon as three or more Scatters appear on the reels. The round will begin with 10 free spins, although more free spins can be activated during the round.

During the round, the male and female devils act as additional Scatter symbols, and offer Scatter wins.

An additional five free spins will be activated by the appearance of three more matchbox Scatters, while the appearance of four activate 10 more free spins, and the appearance of five Scatters activate 15 more free spins.

Fire Queen

A Closer Look at Fire Queen Online Slots

WMS Gaming’s Fire Queen is an online slot set in a fantasy world of myth and magic. Unlike most other video slots, it features two sets of reels; one with two reels, and the other with three, to make a total of five reels.

There are two sets of 50 paylines each, which are associated with rows running across the two sets of reels. The two sets of reels work in conjunction.

In addition to the uncommon reel structure, the game features Wild and Scatter symbols, as well as a free spins round.

Symbols on the Reels

The high value Fire Queen reel symbols are in keeping with the theme of the slot, and do not look out of place against the background of a castle balcony overlooking a moonlit valley.

The themed symbols include the magical queen, a phoenix in a crystal ball, a purple amulet, a fiery horse, a flower, a phial filled with red liquid, a ring, and a candle in a holder. The lower value symbols are standard playing card symbols.

The queen is the game’s Wild, and the phoenix in the crystal ball is the Scatter symbol.

Fire Queen Expanding Wild

The Fire Queen character is central to the storyline behind the online slot. Her magical powers are reflected in the Wild symbol’s ability to substitute and expand.

It can help other symbols form successful combinations on the reels by substituting for what’s missing. During the free spins round, the Wild can also expand to fill reels that are part of the set on the right of the screen.

Phoenix Scatter Symbol

The phoenix Scatter symbol offers payouts on the Fire Queen reels, and it can do this from anywhere. It does not have to appear in any specific order.

In most video slots with Scatters, those symbols are known for unlocking bonus features. In this online slot, the bonus games are not linked only to the Scatter.

Fire Queen Free Spins

Fire Queen online slots feature two different free spins rounds; one with five free spins, the other with 20 free spins. Both rounds are triggered by the appearance of matching reel symbols.

If four matching symbols appear on the left reel set, or if Scatters appear on the right reel set, the round with five free spins will be activated.

If four matching symbols appear on the left reels, and three Scatters appear on the right reels, the round with 20 free spins will be triggered. This round also features a 2x multiplier for any wins that appear on the 100 paylines during the round.

How to Play Fire Queen

Fire Queen online slots’ two reel sets might look more complicated compared to what most players are used to seeing, but there’s nothing complex about the gameplay.

Players would first set their coin value, then decide on the number of coins to bet per two paylines. Once they’ve adjusted the setting to suit their requirements, they would select the blue spin button to set the reels in motion.

Fire Opals

An Introduction to Fire Opals Online Slots

Fire Opals from software developer IGT is an online slot with five reels, 720 ways to win, and bonus games. The fiery colours of the stones of the title come through not only in pictures of various opals, but in tropical imagery as well.

The rows on the reel set are slightly different to those found in most other slots. This is to accommodate the developer’s unique 720 ways to win feature.

Despite the innovation, the basic gameplay is that of slots as most players know and love them. The game is available in downloadable and instant play formats.

720 Ways to Win Feature

Fire Opals’ 720 ways to win replaces the more traditional structure of paylines. While players can set the denomination or value of their coins, they cannot select how many winning ways they play.

Instead, each spin is fixed at a 50-coin bet. The whole point of the feature is that symbols can form winning combinations that are read from left to right, or right to left. The only real requirement to forming winning combinations is that symbols appear in adjacent columns.

The number of symbols that appear on each reel differs due to the feature. The first and fifth reels feature three symbols, the second and fourth reels four symbols, and the third reel features five symbols.

How to Play Fire Opals

Before spinning the Fire Opals online slot reels, players will need to decide how much their coins are worth. The controls used for this are on the game interface, and give players a betting range from 0.01 to 10.00.

The coin value is multiplied fifty times with each spin. This is the equivalent of playing a slot with fixed pay lines.

The reels are spun by clicking the Spin button, located on the interface. Selecting the Autospin button will get the game to play itself.

Fire Opals Reel Symbols

The Fire Opals reels are set against a backdrop of a purpled mountain range and Mayan pyramids. The game takes its name from translucent precious stones that are the colour of fire.

The stones were known to the ancient Mayans as the stones of the bird of paradise, and it is these ancient associations that give form to the online slot’s reel symbols. The symbols on the reels include a princess, a bird of paradise flower, hibiscus flowers, a volcano, a Wild and a Scatter, and Jack, Queen, and King playing cards.

Stacked Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Fire Opals Wild symbol only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels, but its ability to stack on the reels makes up for its being limited to certain reels.

Being a Wild, it can substitute for other reel symbols, which means it can help complete paying combinations. If it stacks on the reels, it could possibly complete several combinations.

The Scatter symbol can form winning combinations from anywhere on the reels. They do not need to appear on adjacent reels to pay out.

Bonus Symbol Triggers Free Spins

The red opal symbol appearing on each of the Fire Opals reels triggers the online slot’s bonus game. The bonus game sees players receive 10 free spins.

Some reel symbols are replaced with others during the free spins, and the red opal changes colour to blue for the duration of the round. If blue opals appear on the reels, 10 more free spins could be re-triggered, up to a maximum of 260 spins.

Fire Light 2 Aristocrat Slot

The Fire Light 2 Aristocrat Slot

Aristocrat is a land-based and online casino game developer, and is becoming known for creating high-quality slot game sequels. With the Fire Light 2 Aristocrat slot, the team has done it again. As a part of the premier Xtra Reel Power series, it features 243 ways to win over its 5 reels.

This means that, instead of activating more paylines in the conventional way, players buy reels. As more and more are purchased, the chances of landing a winning payline go up too. To boost winning chances even more, the middle icon position of any unpurchased reels is put into play as well. If players buy Reels 1 and 2 only, for example, they will also get to play with the middle symbols on Reels 3, 4 and 5.

When this is combined with exponential credits and multipliers, the winning possibilities really open up. When all 5 reels are engaged, the Fire Light 2 Aristocrat slot’s maximum 243 ways to win are all available. As players spend more time on this game, they’ll feel more comfortable buying more reels, and then winning more money.

Gameplay and Design

The Fire Light 2 Aristocratic slot has a similar theme to its predecessor, but it offers better graphics and functionality. In both games, the central them is ancient civilisations and the might of volcanoes. The higher-value icons are inspired by Aztec and Mayan relics and include a golden bangle and a princess with an impressive headdress.

Upbeat background music should help to keep playing exciting, and there are authentic sounds as the reels turn as well. A minimum of 40 credits needs to be wagered, and the lowest coin value is 0.01. Different versions of the game have different theoretical RTPs, but they generally sit somewhere between 85% and 97%.

Bonuses and Special Features

Light and fire were very important to the Aztec and Mayan cultures, and this can be seen throughout the Fire Light 2 Aristocrat slot. It’s especially obvious in the Scatter and Wild Symbols, with the glowing volcano Wild able to substitute for any image and make up winning combinations, except for the phoenix Scatter.

When 3, 4 or 5 images of the golden bird appear on the reels at the same time they trigger Bonus Rounds of 6, 9 or 12 Free Spins respectively. The unique Twin Reels Feature that is activated at the same time can go a long way to boost winnings in the Free Spins Rounds, and merges the first and second reels and the fourth and fifth reels together.

What this means is that the more reels purchased in the base game, the higher the rewards in the Bonus Rounds. Players also always have at least 2 matching symbols, with the possibility of landing more winning combinations with the symbols displayed on Reel 3.

Big winnings tend to accumulate very quickly in the game, thanks to all of its special features and this online slots game is considered one that is very rewarding.

Enchanted Unicorn

Enchanted Unicorn Online Slot

Enchanted Unicorn is a fantasy themed online slot game. It features colourful graphics and unicorns hiding in every corner of the reels. It is developed and released by  Enchanted Unicorn has 5 reels divided into 20 pay lines. There is a maximum jackpot on offer of 2000 coins. Enchanted Unicorn features an average Return To Player of 97.39%.

There is an auto play option available that lets players spin the reels a set amount of times automatically at a set wager value. Players can get free spins along with an expanding unicorn wild symbol that will fill an entire row with wilds. The in game wagers are made with coins that can be adjusted in value. The wagers that can be placed range between £0.01 and £100. This online slot game is not available for mobile play.

The Enchanted Unicorn Treasure Chest Bonus

The treasure chest symbol is the unique bonus trigger. If you land this symbol on reels one and five, you will be taken to new screen. Here you are presented with a row of tiles and need to try make it to the top row.

Players can uncover a cash prize or a unicorn symbol that will award all the prizes in its row. If you uncover a wizard symbol, the bonus feature will end and return you to the standard game.

The Enchanted Unicorn Gamble Feature

If players land a winning combination under 3000 coins, they can make an additional wager. After a winning combination is landed players can click on the gamble button. They will be taken to a new screen where they can make a double or nothing wager.

You must guess whether a drawn card will be red or black. If you guess correctly, you will have your total win amount doubled. If you guess incorrectly you will lose your entire wager.

The Enchanted Unicorn Pay Symbols

The pay symbols are mostly fantasy themed in this online slot game. Berries, mushrooms acorns and other fauna make up the low value symbols that offer pay outs starting at 5 coins and capping at 100 coins.

The higher value symbols include a rose, a princess, a prince and lion. The princess, prince and lion symbols offer pay outs starting at two matching symbols on an active pay line. The lion symbol is the highest valued symbol and will pay out a maximum of 2000 coins.

The Enchanted Unicorn Expanding Wild

The white unicorn symbol is the Enchanted Unicorn wild symbol. This symbol will substitute its value for any value required to complete a winning combination that it is part of. It will substitute for all the standard symbols, but not for the treasure chest scatter symbol. The unicorn wild will expand across the reel where it lands making multiple symbols wild.

Real Money Wagering On Enchanted Unicorn

Players can make real money wagers in Enchanted Unicorn. You must first register your details at an online casino, and then you can deposit cash into your account using a variety of methods specified by the online casino. Online casinos have special security features that will protect your personal information online.