Pro betting tips

There are a large number of sports betting guides out there for Australian punters. From well known sports such as AFL, to much lesser known, off the wall markets such as cockroach racing, it is almost guaranteed that a betting guide and a number of tips and tricks have been written on the topic.

As a pro sports bettor, one should always make the effort to read as many of these betting guides as possible. Obviously, some will be aimed at beginners to the sports betting world, but you never know when you will pick up a tip that you have never heard of, or simply never occurred to you.

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Handicaps and odds

Every Australian punter is familiar with the different odds which are presented by online betting sites. Odds are in place to encourage betting on various teams or participants, not just the favourite.

The odds or handicap system is an essential tool for punters to know should they wish their wagers to be successful and turn a profit. Learning to be able to compare the odds offered by various bookies, and thus get the best odds to suit their betting strategy, is something which all Australian punters should be able to do.

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