The History of Blackjack

When looking at the origins of Blackjack it is good to begin with the origins of cards.  It is thought that cards were first invented in China or India and it was the Chinese that began the shuffling of cards when they shuffled paper bank notes into their different combinations.  The deck of cards used today to play Blackjack was initially referred to as “French Pack,” which was used later by the English and the Americans.

The first stories of gambling that have been recounted go way back and there are a few versions of the history of Blackjack.  The only thing that historians all agree on is that the game is very old.

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The Story of Slots

Every Canadian online casino player loves a game of slots, but the question is where does this popular casino game originate.  Slot machines can be traced back to many years, although there has been some debate about who actually invented the slot machine.  There are two accounts which seem to be accepted.

The first account recounts the story of the slot machine as being invented by Charles Fey who was an American.  In 1887 he invented what was known as the Liberty Bell machine which had three reels and five symbols which were a Liberty Bell, spade, diamond and a heart and a horse shoe.  The other account says that Charles Fey invented the machine in 1895 and that two other inventors, Sittman and Pitt were the first to invent the slot machine in 1891.  This machine had 50 playing cards which spun five on a drum and the reels would have a five card poker hand.  A player would receive payouts depending on the value of the hand.

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