Striking it lucky on a major jackpot is every players dream. A real life changer, something that could instantly change the way you live forever. Jackpots reach staggering heights around the world; with certain jackpots reaching into the millions of dollars players from Canada will be eager to learn about the biggest jackpots ever paid out.

Players from Canada in quest of the biggest jackpots ever paid out should keep in mind that the following jackpots were all paid out to players who had won them. There are however, in other special circumstances no pay out jackpots s, simply because the player never collected the winnings for unknown reasons or because there was an irregularity within the winnings.

Players in quest of the biggest jackpots ever paid out will be delighted to learn that most jackpots are paid out, whopping amounts that set people financially free are handed over to big grinning faces, large dollar signs flood the cheque and the player who won the jackpot walks away with a new start to life.

The Biggest jackpots

The United States of America, Europe and the United Kingdom all have separate lotteries that make up the biggest jackpots in the world. Multiple ticket holders, decreasing the overall winnings, usually win these jackpots. In rare cases certain players are extremely fortunate and manage to win the lottery outright with a single ticket or in competition with just one other ticket.

The lotteries in these countries outweigh all other jackpots in any wagering discipline. Players from Canada will be delighted to know that certain progressive jackpots also feature as some of the biggest jackpots ever paid out.

Top Five Lottery Jackpots

The following players are the lucky top five lottery jackpot winners ever. These players have triggered some of the biggest jackpots ever paid out. Canadians in quest of whopping lottery pay outs will be delighted to learn that all of these jackpots were successfully paid out to the winners.

The 6th of March 2007 marks the number one spot; two players from New Jersey and Georgia respectively triggered the MegaMillions jackpot in the USA, sharing a whopping $390 million. At number two, two ticket holders from Idaho and Washington triggered the MegaMillions jackpot walking away with $380 million.

The number three spot straight out of the USA, saw eight co-workers from a meat processing plant in Nebraska win an incredible $365 million from Powerball on the 18th of February 2006. This was the world’s biggest win from a single ticket. On the 9th of May 2000 two separate winners triggered The Big Game in the USA and walked away with a split prize purse of $363 million.

The number five biggest jackpot ever paid came in October 2005 when one ticket holder from Oregon triggered the Powerball scooping a whopping $340 million.

Progressive Jackpot Wins

Players from Canada will be delighted to learn that progressive jackpots can be linked across entire cities, keeping the jackpot ticking over. This allows for potentially lucrative jackpot winnings. The following progressive jackpot wins feature amongst the biggest jackpots ever paid out.

Biggest Land Based Progressive Jackpot Win

One of the biggest jackpots ever paid out was a progressive jackpot slot in a land-based Las Vegas casino. In 2003 a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles wagered $100 on Excalibur and hit the big time. The novice walked away with a whopping $39 million.

Biggest Online Casino Progressive Network

Players from Canada opting for online play and striving to hit big winnings should consider Microgaming progressive jackpot slots. The casino software developer has the biggest network of progressive jackpot slots in the business, accounting for some of the biggest jackpots ever paid out with a whopping £375 million paid out to players since its inception.