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How to Play Online Casino Real Money Games

While some players in Canada enjoy the entertainment of free slots and table games, other players play online casino games for real money. This is made possible by casinos’ secure banking services and a diverse range of payment methods.

Getting set up to play for real money is quite easy. Players who want to do so would need to find a reliable online casino, and choose a payment method that best meets their individual requirements.

Once they’ve taken those initial steps, they would next need to make a deposit, and then find a game they want to play.

Trustworthy Real Money Online Casinos

The importance of finding a trustworthy site at which to play online casino games for real money cannot be stressed enough. Players should never lose sight of the fact that fraudsters do not think twice about setting up casinos that are nothing more than a front to separate players from their money.

If players have found a casino that looks promising, they should make sure that it has a valid license issued by a reputable gaming jurisdiction such as Malta, Curacao, Alderney, Gibraltar, or the UK. It is even better if, in addition to a valid license, the online casino has been approved by an independent industry regulator.

In a nutshell, this means that the casino’s software has been tested for accurate, unbiased results, and that the banking service uses the latest data encryption technology to prevent third parties from accessing players’ information and money. It also means payouts are prompt, and that player support is forthcoming when needed.

Real Money Online Casino Games

Players in Canada play online casino games such as slots, table games, card games, instant win games, and speciality games for real money. Good quality casinos ensure they offer a selection of games from each of these genres.

Slots that players can find online include classic, video, and progressive slots. Players should also be able to find slots with multiple sets of reels.

Classic slots usually have 3 reels, and tend to keep special or bonus features to a minimum. When they are included, they usually take the form of Wild or Scatter symbols.

Video slots, which usually have 3 or 5 reels, are well-known for their special features, and one game is likely to have several different features. In addition to Wild and Scatter symbols, they usually also have gamble features, free spins, re-spins, bonus games, and even video clips.

Progressive slots take video slots a step further. While they also have special features, they also have progressive jackpots.

Those who want to play online casino games other than slots also have multiple options. There are card games such as baccarat, blackjack, and poker, and there are games such as video poker, which combine poker with online slot-style gameplay.

There are also games such as craps, roulette, Sic Bo, and keno. Players in Canada can also find scratch cards.

Online Casino Payment Methods

Players can play online casino games for real money once they have deposited money into their casino accounts. There are several trusted payment methods that can be used to make deposits.

The most popular payment methods among Canadian players are e-wallets, credit cards, and prepaid cards, although some players also use instant banking.

Players need to log into their casino account and visit the site’s Banking page to make deposits and withdrawals.

best online casino gambling

Best Online Casino Gambling In Canada

Canada has not always viewed the gambling industry in a favourable manner.  By 1892, all forms of gambling had been banned in the country.  As the years went by this started to change.  Mostly initially thanks to charities.  The year 1900 saw a change of heart as far as Bingo games and raffles sold for the benefit of charitable organisations were concerned.  By 1925, fairs were granted permission to host all kinds of gambling events.

In 1969, the Canadian Government legalised state-run lotteries due to the huge value and benefits that these potentially held for charitable and special projects that needed fund raising.  In 1974, the Olympic games held in Montreal became the very first benefactor of the proceeds of state-run lotteries.  This went a long way to change the Canadian mind-set to a considerably more positive one as far as gambling was concerned.  The positive effects could no longer be denied.

Today there is no shortage of reputable land-based as well as online casinos operating on Canadian soil and in Canadian cyber space.

Ensuring The Best Online Casino Gambling Experience For All Players

Canadian online casino companies value Canadian users, and should enjoy priority when selecting an online casino.  Acceptant of Canadian currency and local payment methods, supporting local certainly is best.  Corresponding with a local customer service department is another deciding factor when choosing an online casino site.  It may prove troublesome to enjoy the same real-time support on foreign online casino sites.

A Tailor-Made Selection

Local online Canadian casino sites often focus on featuring slot games and sports betting options that are well-suited to the specific needs of Canadian players.  A lot of market research is involved in the content eventually going up on these sites, and players may very well find that the activities on offer on local sites are better suited to local players, than that available on foreign online gambling sites.

A good example would be considering the bet types available for betting on a sport like Ice Hockey.  Players may find that foreign sites only offer basic and general bets, whilst Canadian online gambling sites are bound to include a range of exotic and specialised bets.

Grand Incentives

Most online casino sites offer running promotions as well as sign-up bonus offers.  The best online casino gambling sites really put a lot of effort into this.  Shopping around for the most lucrative promotions and offers is key when the focus is on value betting.

Fair Play

Reputable online gambling casino sites take pride in the fact that their business is conducted in a fair and reasonable way, and are as a rule transparent concerning return to player statistics, recent jackpots won, etc.  Reputable sites will generally provide the details for the independent auditors used by the particular online casino.  The information is public and players are free to contact the auditing institutions for confirmation and verification of the site’s financial management policies.  This is common policy employed by all of the best online casino gambling sites.


Raging Rhino

Raging Rhino Online Slots Game

WMS Gaming is an online casino slot developer known for making slots that differ from more traditional types of slot games. This is sometimes in the form of multi-reel games featuring complex gameplay, to more classic slots that only have minor differences. Raging Rhino fits into the latter category, with the main difference being that there are six reels instead of the standard five. While this may not be the biggest change ever to be applied to a slot game, it does alter the overall gameplay and adds to the experience of playing.

Raging Rhino, as far as the theme is concerned, is set in the African wilderness, where symbols are made up of different wild animals. These include a crocodile, a gorilla, a vulture, a mongoose, cheetah, and, of course, the rhino. While animals make up the symbols of higher value, letters and numbers comprise all the symbols of a lower value.

Raging Rhino Gameplay

Before getting into the altered reel system of Raging Rhino, players should keep in mind that the return to player percentage is the same as most other slot games. With that in mind, the extra reel does add to the chances of landing winning combinations, with up to a massive 4069 different ways that symbols can be arranged to give the player a winning spin. The large amount of ways to win is simply down to the fact that there is a higher possibility to land matching symbols, as all adjacent matching symbols are considered as successful combinations.

The spin button activates the reels, and upon pressing it, the reels expand to fill the entire screen above the betting options. Betting in Raging Rhino is simple and straightforward, where players can use the bet multiplier option to choose the amount that is bet per spin. The total bet is calculated depending on how much is wagered, with any bonus multipliers being included in the overall winnings during a successful round.

Raging Rhino Wild

During gameplay of Raging Rhino, players may notice a symbol depicted as a sun setting below the horizon. This is Raging Rhino’s wild, which can be used as a substitute for all the other symbols in the game, both of higher and lower value.

Raging Rhino Free Spins Bonus

A large diamond is the scatter in Raging Rhino, and this scatter is needed to trigger the free spins bonus. Upon landing three or more diamonds anywhere on the reels grants an immediate eight free spins. Thanks to the number of reels available, it is possible to land between three and six scatters, with more free spins given if more scatters land, up to as many as a gigantic 50 free spins. During the free spins bonus, landing a wild within a winning combination will also award the player with a multiplier that is added to the total stake. The more wilds involved, the higher the multiplier, as well as a chance to gain extra free spins.

Raging Rhino Verdict

Raging Rhino is a slot that does not require too much attention, as there is only one real betting option that a player can make. Despite this, Raging Rhino may appeal to those that like slots with a bit of a twist.

Jackpot Block Party

Jackpot Block Party Slots Game

Without even loading up the slot, players will know that this game is about partying. True to the name, the overall theme of the game is related to partying, where all the images and even the soundtrack is meant to convey a vibe of having a fun and entertaining party event. Unlike many of WMS Gaming’s other online casino slot games, Jackpot Block Party is not out of the ordinary, and does not feature multi-reels or similar mechanics. The meat of the slot is in the bonus content, which is accentuated by the base game.

As far as the base game is concerned, 5 reels and 30 paylines are what is in store for players as they start out on the slot. The symbols found across the reels are vibrant and decorative, and everything involved is linked to having a good time. While the paytable can provide more information on each individual symbol, some of the symbols found in the game include a record, a present, birthday cake, a lava lamp, a party sign, and more. Jackpot Block Party is only available on desktop computers, and players will not be able to find it on mobile devices.

Jackpot Block Party Gameplay

The paylines in Jackpot Block Party are not fixed, meaning they can be changed to suit the player’s preferences. This, along with the choice of how much is bet per spin, means that players have more options available when compared to other WMS Gaming slots. The range of lines available starts at 1 and goes all the way up to 30, while players also have the choice of bet per each line. The more lines that are active added together with higher amounts wagered means a higher chance of landing successful winning combinations, as well as activating bonus content.

Jackpot Block Party Present Pick

One of the most frequent bonuses is the Present Pick, and this bonus is activated whenever three or more of the Wrapped Present symbols are landed anywhere across the reels. Some wrapped gifts will pop up on the screen, and players can then choose the gift that they would like to open. This can mean instant cash prizes, as well as the chance to trigger the Block Party bonus feature.

Jackpot Block Party Bonus

With either the Wrapped Gift bonus, or with three or more of the party accessory symbols, the Block Party bonus can be started. This displays a new screen, where players are give the choice of different gifts, each with a different prize inside. With each successful gift opened, the player is transported to a new party zone. This can carry on for quite a while, and it all depends on the gift that is opened, with everything being completely up to chance. The buzz kill or pooper symbols will end this bonus feature, which will then take the player back to the base game to carry on.

Jackpot Block Party Verdict

Jackpot Block Party is a light-hearted slot that provides solid gameplay mixed with decent bonus content. The theme may not be to everyone’s taste, it should be noted.

Hearts of Venice

Hearts of Venice Slots Game in Detail

For hundreds of years, the city of Venice has been associated with romance, wonder, and entertainment. The city itself, located in Italy, is a marvel of modern architecture, where there are massive canals of water found between the buildings. The city was actually built around and over the water, and as the years passed, more of the city adapted to the aquatic landscape and canals. Venice is the perfect setting for a slot game focused on romance, and this is where Hearts of Venice comes in.

Designed and developed by WMS Gaming, Hearts of Venice is a 50 payline, 5 reel slot that attempts to capture the look and feel of the city of Venice. The slot is available on computers exclusively, and has not been ported to any mobile devices yet. Along with the core gameplay and the various bonus features, Hearts of Venice also has a non-progressive jackpot of 5x. Hearts of Venice can be found for free on a number of online casino Internet sites, but real money versions are also an option.

Hearts of Venice Aesthetic

Hearts of Venice uses imagery and backdrops inspired directly by the city, and this is immediately apparent once the game has loaded. In the background, the player will see blurred parts of the city, including buildings, the canals, and a sunset. Across the reels, the look is the same, where symbols are composed of Venetian gondoliers, roses, hats, women, and much more. Each symbol has a different value, and all the information about each symbol can be found by reading through the paytable.

Along the bottom of the screen, below the reels, there are different options for betting and settings, and players have the chance to choose the amount of coins they would like to bet per line.

Hearts of Venice Hot Super Respin Bonus

Hearts of Venice comes with a special feature that can be toggled on and off. If this feature is activated, every spin will cost a little bit more, but also means that certain symbols on the reels, specifically the hears, will remain locked in place for up to two spins. Once the spins are up, the hearts disappear and are replaced by different symbols.

Conversely, if the Hot Super Respin is toggled off, all heart symbols that land on the reels will immediately be converted to a regular symbol, meaning that players do not have to worry about the hearts clogging up the reels and preventing any combinations from being made.

Hearts of Venice Free Spins Bonus

The slot also comes with free spins, and activating these requires that the player manages to land the Silhouette symbol at least three times anywhere across the reels. Wilds and hearts are then added randomly to the reels alongside the ten free spins the player receives. Additionally, a guaranteed line bet of 400x is added to the total winnings at the end of the free spins bonus round.

Hearts of Venice Verdict

This is a slot for those players who are romantic at heart, and love the look and feel of Venice and everything associated with the city.

Giants Gold

About Giant’s Gold Online Slot

Jack and The Beanstalk is a classic children’s story. A boy named Jack manages to acquire some magical beans, and after planting them, a massive beanstalk grows into the clouds. Jack ascends the beanstalk and finds a giant castle inhabited by an equally giant humanoid. Jack then steals the giant’s magical golden egg laying goose, and during a final chase, the giant falls to the earth and is no more. The story of Jack and The Beanstalk is full of adventure and fantasy, and it is little wonder why the story would be used as inspiration for a slot game, and this is exactly what WMS Gaming has done with Giant’s Gold.

Giant’s Gold is an online video slot consisting of 5 reels and 100 paylines, and everything in the slot is based off of the story of Jack and her escapades up the beanstalk, as in Giant’s Gold, Jack is depicted as a woman. Along with the standard gameplay and bonus features, Giant’s Gold also comes with a 10x jackpot that has a chance of triggering as the game is played.

Giant’s Gold Design

The aesthetic of Giant’s Gold, including all symbol imagery, is taken directly from the story. Bright, colourful, and vibrant, the slot makes use of fantasy, with a backdrop of the beanstalk itself, as well as Jack’s small farmhouse in the distance. Symbols of lower value are numbers and letters, while the rest are characters and items from the stories. The cow, a golden egg, a bag of beans, Jack, the giant, and more comprise all the symbols that have either high value or special uses in terms of bonus content.

Giant’s Gold Gameplay

One of the features that makes Giant’s Gold stand out among the thousands of other slots is the way the reels are structured. Where the average video slot is made up of one main reel section, Giant’s Gold has two separate reel structures that are independent of each other. The first and main reel, which is the one above the various options and betting selections, contains 5 reels and four rows. The other, which is much larger and to the right hand side, contains 5 reels and 12 rows, making for a total of 100 paylines.

The reels both use the same sets of symbols, and all symbols can stack, meaning that players will find that symbols can be stacked on top of other symbols which are the same. The wild in Giant’s Gold is represented as a Wild Symbol, and using this can allow for combinations to be completed, as the wild acts as a standard substitute for all other symbols in the game.

Giant’s Gold Free Spins

Free spins in Giant’s Gold are activated by landing the golden egg symbol three times, but only on reels 1, 3, and 5. Once landed, players are given 5 free spins to start with, and thanks to the way the symbols stack, it is possible to earn dozens, or even hundreds of free spins during one round.

Giant’s Gold Verdict

Thanks to the diverse range of gameplay mechanics offered by Giant’s Gold, along with the theme of adventure and fantasy, the slot should prove popular for most players. The double reel structure may not be to everyone’s liking, however.

Gems Gems Gems

About Gems Gems Gems Slots Game

If you had not noticed, the theme of Gems Gems Gems is gemstones, and the slot comes with a fair variety of different gemstones, along with a unique reel layout and some bonus features. The gemstones in Gems Gems Gems are the focus point of the game, and players will not be disappointed with the amount of gems that are available across the reels, featuring gemstones of every colour and shape. Every gem has a different value, ranging from bottom of the line basic gems, to ones that can award large winnings should they land in the right place.

Apart from the precious stones themselves, Gems Gems Gems also comes with a reel setup that is not unfamiliar to WMS Gaming online slots. The reels are split into four different sections, each one with a set of paylines, which can go as high as 80 lines in total. Along with the base gameplay, Gems Gems Gems also comes with a 400x jackpot, which is added to total winnings should the player manage to win the jackpot during the game.

Gems Gems Gems Multi-Reel Design

Gems Gems Gems will be a new experience for players that have never encountered other WMS slot games. This is because Gems Gems Gems has a unique multi-reel layout, where instead of having one main set of reels, all the reels are split up and divided into different sections. While not all four reels are used at the same time, all the time, they can all be triggered with the right symbols. Most of the gameplay is based on the main reel found on the left side of the screen, above the betting options.

In order to start up the other three reels, players will need to either land scatters or wilds on the main reel, which will then automatically duplicate the current symbols on the main reels and paste it across the accessory reels. This increases the chances of winning, as every reel now has the potential of having a successful combination. If any of the other three reels do land winning combinations, earnings are calculated together with the main reels and then awarded to the player, being added to the total amount of available coins.

Gems Gems Gems Free Spins Bonus

The diamond symbol in Gems Gems Gems represents the scatter, and landing three or more of these across the main reels will give the player an instant ten free spins. The diamond can also land on the other three reels, and while this does not add to the total amount of free spins the player can receive, a multiplier is awarded. The multiplier amount is determined by the amount of extra reels that land the diamond scatter. For example, if only one of the reels lands three scatters, the player will receive a 3x multiplier. If two of the reels have scatters, then the player is give a 6x multiplier, and so forth, with a maximum of 12x.

Gems Gems Gems Verdict

Many players might find that the multi-reel system found Gems Gems Gems is a bit of a gimmick, there is no denying that it does add an interesting factor to the overall gameplay. Along with the bonus features, Gems Gems Gems will be popular among many slot players, save those that prefer a traditional reel layout.

Temptation Queen slot

You Cannot Resist Temptation Queen Online Slot

Temptation Queen is an Egyptian themed online slot by Williams Interactive Games. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table with regards to its theme and game play but it is still a very worthy title. It features a theoretical Return to Player of 95.99% which is quite promising. There are big prizes on offer ranging between 500x and 1500x your placed line wager.

With regards to features, you get free spins fixed to 8 spins, an expanding wild symbol and an autoplay function. This slot is available for real money wagering, but not for mobile play.

The Tempting Expanding Wilds

The pyramid with the sun rising behind it is the substitute wild symbol in Temptation Queen. This wild does more than replace any standard symbols in a winning online slots combination. It will also replace the scatter symbol, so it will count towards triggering the main feature.

Another great feature of the wild is that it is an expanding wild symbol. This means that anywhere it lands on the reels, it can expand across the screen to complete a winning combination. The wild will only expand if it can potentially complete a combination. You will see the wild symbol appear on reel 2, 3 and 4.

The Seductive Free Spins Feature

The main slot feature in Temptation Queen is the free spins round. This feature is triggered by the golden cat statue symbol, but the wild symbol will also substitute for this symbol and help to trigger the feature more often.

When the feature starts you will get 8 free spins to take on the slot reels. The 8 free spins are fixed, no matter how many feature symbols appear on the reels, what does increase with the symbols is the prize awarded to you. You can win 60x to 1500x your line wager with this symbol.

The Queens Reel Symbols

There are 8 reel symbols in Temptation Queen Slot, including 3 playing card symbols. The A, K and Q symbols award a jackpot prize of 100x your line wager. All three symbols share the same payout values and will award these payouts as long as you mange to form combinations of 3 symbols or more on one of the active pay lines.

The symbols you want t to land though are the higher value artefact symbols that. Temptation Queen slot features 5 of these symbols and they feature a Scarab beetle, an Ankh of resurrection, a falcon burial pot, the sphinx and the lead character of this slot, the Temptation Queen.

The Temptation Queen is the highest value standard symbol. She is also the only reel symbol that requires two symbols to form a winning combination. She will pay a jackpot prize of 1500x your wager. The Sphinx and Falcon symbols pay the next best prize of 500x your line wager as a jackpot prize.

The Queens Wager Limits

You can spin the Temptation Queen reels with a minimum starting wager of 0.25. This will place a wager of 0.01 on each of the game’s 25 paylines. The biggest wager on each pay line is 5 for a maximum per spin wager of 150.

Super Jackpot Party

Super Jackpot Party Slots by Williams Interactive Games

Super Jackpot Party was one of the first ever games to be released by Williams Interactive Games. This slot has become known as their flagship, and has spawned a whole lot of sequels with the same theme. Super Jackpot Party has five reels and plays over twenty fixed paylines.

The wagering margin is very wide, with players being able to bet as little as 0.20 per spin or as much as 100 coins per spin. This makes Super Jackpot Party a game that is accessible to players of all budgets.  Experienced players may enjoy playing the game for its flagship status, but the standard special effects will not keep them interested for too long.

Bright Lights and Colours

Super Jackpot Party is a bright slot, with lots of bright colours and lights in the background behind the reels. Purple patterns represent the strobe lights which can be found at all great parties. The graphics in Super Jackpot Party are very basic and drawn in 2D; they look a lot like old school clipart. There is some animation in the game, but not all of the symbols are animated. Special symbols will animate when forming a part of a winning combination. There is no animation in the background at all. The soundtrack is a party tune that plays when the reels are spinning otherwise the slot is quiet which gives you piece of mind while playing through your blackjack bonus on the side.

Party On Symbols

All of the symbols in Super Jackpot Party are theme based, representing various items that can be found at a great party. The lowest paying symbols are plastic cups and bowls of punch. From there you can find balloons and wrapped presents. Both the balloons and the presents will explode happily if you find three or more of them on the reels. Different coloured lucky Sevens follow with a variety of payouts.

Special symbols in the game include the Super Jackpot Party logo which is the highest paying symbol in the game. The wild symbol is a glittering disco ball which can replace al other symbols in the game except for the two feature symbols.

Party Feature

This is launched by finding two feature one symbols on reels one and three and feature two symbol on reel five. Here you will be presented with a number of presents. Each present is wrapped in different coloured paper, and you have to choose them one by one. Inside each present is a cash prize, a special feature or a party pooper. The party poopers are cops, your boss or for some reason a party hating alien. If you find one of these you feature is over.

Party Animals and Multipliers

The multiplier feature in Super Jackpot Party offers you a multiplier to add to any of your present winnings during the Party Feature. This will boost between one to three presents in the Party Feature as well as making you immune to Party Poopers.

Whack a Pooper

This is a take on the old whack a mole game that was played at many a carnival in ages past. Here you get to take a large mallet and whack three Party poopers to reveal the hidden prize underneath. Prizes include various multipliers or even a chance to pick again which will give you another round in the Whack a Pooper feature or the Dance feature

Dance Feature

Here you have to continue dancing to increase a dance o meter. You can win a multiplier of anything between 8x and 57x your bet.

Star Trek Red Alert slot

Star Trek Red Alert Online Slot

Star Trek Red Alert is an online slot game by Williams Interactive Games. Star Trek is easily one of the most popular and beloved Sci-Fi series around. This franchise has spanned many years of television and film, with new films coming out to this day.

Star Trek Red Alert online slot pays homage to this iconic piece of popular culture with a 5 reel, 25 payline online slot game. There is a multitude of bonus features on offer here.

The wager limit is set at 105 and the in game jackpot payout is set at 1500x your line wager. Along with all these great features you also get footage from the classic television series that plays during key game play moments.

Win Medals And Unlock Episodes

Star Trek Red Alert online slot features multiple episodes that can be unlocked. Each episode will play different scenes from the television series as game play unfolds.

The more you play, the more medals are earned and the more you can progress the story. Your game account will save your progress as you play so you can quit and come back to the game to further your progress.

The Red Alert Bonus Feature

The main feature of Star Trek Red Alert slot is a free spin bonus game with some unique features that make it stand out from other free spin games. The bonus game triggers as most do, with 3 scatter logos appearing anywhere on the reels , as long as they appear from left to right.

The bonus game will now start but in Star Trek Red Alert the free spins are essentially unlimited. Every winning combination during the free spins round will show your ship, the Enterprise, firing at alien spacecraft. Each destroyed craft will award a multiplier to your winning combination pay out.

The game gives you 5 shields for your enterprise ship, and with every spin that doesn’t land a winning combination, your ship will take damage and lose one shield. When your shields are depleted, the bonus feature ends. As it ends you will get one of three outcomes based on the communication channel you select.

You can either reveal No Extra Spin which ends the feature and returns you to the reels or you can reveal Shields To Full, that will restart the free spins round or you can reveal Spin Till You Win which will guarantee you at least one more winning combination.

The Random Win Warp Feature

There is a random bonus that can be awarded in this online slot called the Win Warp. This bonus is awarded after any winning combination and can be one of 4 effects.

First off, Star Trek Red Alert slot can award the Rock Wild bonus. This is where the infamous rock creature from the television series turns and makes a random reel symbol a wild with a multiplier. Scotty’s Wild is the second possible bonus.

The ship’s engineer Scotty will make one or two reels completely wild. Spocks’ multiplier is the 3rd possible bonus and has Mr Spock appear and apply a 3x to 10x multiplier to your winning pay out. Finally there is the Enterprise Fly-By bonus. The Enterprise ship will fly across the screen and change your winning combination’s symbols to more valuable character symbols.